About us

WHO are we?

We are April and Tyler Jones, mother-son duo near Nashville, sharing our story and other forms of inspiration to help encourage and uplift others. Our goal is to help you feel at peace with who you are, know you are not alone, and remind you there is always hope.


At The Drifted Drum Company, our mission is to bring encouragement through motivation, personal development, and the grace of Jesus Christ.

What is a Drifted Drum?

Drifted: (adj) state of having been moved slowly, especially as a result of outside force with no control over direction; To wash ashore. Drum: (n) a barrel; a vessel or container (can be emptied and refilled).

What's our story?

We didn't know it then but our journey started 15 years ago when Tyler was diagnosed with cancer at the age of almost 2 and after failing chemo, had to endure an amputation. In the last couple of years, alot has happened. Tyler has competed internationally for track and field in adaptive sports, we've filmed in a docuseries, I published my first book, No Mess No Message to help others struggling with adversity, we have started doing public speaking, and we decided to create this business. You can read more about us individually on our featured pages.

What do we offer?

Apparel: all designs are The Drifted Drum Co. custom and copywright protected. Tyler worked with an artist (credit Theresa Mainers) to design each one with an image that he feels inspires peace or joy.

Gifts/Decor: we offer a small line of gifts and decor, including hand-painted journals and barrel stave candle holders. Practically every item is hand made. Share the love and the gift of encouragement.

Published content: No Mess No Message is April's first book and available here as a signed author copy but also can be found anywhere books are sold, including an audio version. A companion journal digital download is available FREE here in the catalog. Blog posts are a future goal and expansion of our offerings and author base. Do you have an amazing story of overcoming adversity to tell? If so, contact us! We are exploring opportunities to partner with new authors.

Events: Both April and Tyler are available on a limited basis for speaking engagements. Focus audiences include Christian conferences and college or non-profit groups, but others will be considered. The Drifted Drum Company is the founder of THE NO PITY PARTY, a unique event that brings together non-profits, motivational messages, and churches or local musical talent for a unique community gathering. Contact us if you are interested in us coming to your town!


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All content and The No Pity Party are copywright protected by the Drifted Drum Company, LLC. 2019.

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